No-Code Application Development – Boon or a Bane?

No-code application development has become popular among businesses looking to quickly build their customized applications at a low cost. However, what is no-code application development? It is a method of building software solutions without having to write code.

Many no-code development platforms are available in the market that helps you create advanced, enterprise-level applications. Most of these platforms do not need you to have any prior coding or programming experience. However, you can build better apps if you know how to define rules and requirements.

Should you be using no-code application development? Understanding the pros and cons will help you understand if it is the right solution for your business.

Pros of no-code application development

Low cost

If you want to reduce the costs involved in building and maintaining applications, you should go for no-code platforms. These platforms offer significant cost-savings since you do not need to hire high skilled developers to build and maintain your applications. You also need to invest less time and effort in building an app compared to traditional programming.

Enhanced agility

Most of theapp-building that you do on a no-code platform is built-in drag and drop modules. It makes the process a lot easier and faster. These platforms also automate testing, which reduces the total development time.

Improved productivity

Since you can build an entire application with drag and drop modules, the speed of building an application is significantly increased. The work that would have otherwise taken you months will now only take a few hours. The time you save can drastically improve the productivity of your staff.

Cons of no-code application development

Limited customization options

No-code platforms may not have all the necessary templates that you need. If that is the case, you may not be able to customize your applications as you please. There may be instances that you may need to modify your business processes to meet the capabilities of the no-code platform.

Security issues

You can completely rely on code, especially if you have written it yourself. However, you do not have the same control with no-code, and you may need to be ready to take on some amount of risk. For instance, if the no-code platform is hacked, it can make your application vulnerable too.


Based on our expertise at Srini Infotech, we suggest, If you want agility and simplicity in application building, you should opt for no-code platforms. You could build an application within minutes.However, if you are concerned about security or want more control over customizations, you need to re-think your decision to choose no-code platforms. Overall, it boils down to what kind of a requirement you have and what solution you exactly need. We at Srini Infotech can help you make the right decision whether you need to go for a no-code application or not after a deep understanding of your requirements. For more information, please visit