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HR Compensation cycles involved generating multiple excel sheets with hierarchies of employees, distributing the same to appropriate stake holders down the line, collecting the excel sheets, collating data, making adjustments to appraisals and verifying against allocations against pools.

We can deploy our secure, very user friendly and highly configurable compensation tool that enables top level management to review allocations against pools as the compensation cycle is done there by giving complete visibility to a compensation cycle from the very start till end.

Key Features:

  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Configurable program for Merit, Bonus and Stock components
  • User Friendly dashboards with Pools and Allocations
  • Integration with Oracle ERP system to upload and download data extracts
  • Sensitive data available only to authorized users
  • Audit history to track all data changes
  • Reports providing different data views
  • Customized Automated email notifications for all significant events
  • Ability to generate PDF formatted letters to communicate program results