How to retain your IT clients for 20 years or more?

What is the biggest asset of any organization? Customers! Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. The IT industry…

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What is Robotic Process Automation, and how to implement it?

Robotic Process Automation refers to the technology for building, deploying, and managing software robots. These robots are capable of emulating…

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No-Code Application Development – Boon or a Bane?

No-code application development has become popular among businesses looking to quickly build their customized applications at a low cost. However,…

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How to Align Lean Principles in Software Development?

Standardized systems, collaborative efforts, and repetitive processes are three characteristics that make the software development industry feasible for lean…

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Leveraging Best Practices to get your Micro Services approach right.

Microservices refers to an organized and architectural approach to software development where software is made up of small independent…

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Key Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Services Company

A managed IT services company is not just an on-demand service provider. Rather, they can be considered as technology…

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Why should you adopt a RESO Web API?

The outdated and deprecated data transport method Real Estate Transaction Standard or RETS is finally coming to an end.…

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Important KPIs of the Email Marketing Campaign

Effective email marketing requires following the best industry practices. How do you know your campaign has been successful? There…

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Importance of APIs for Business

APIs are something that works like walkie-talkies for two applications. API stands for Application Programming Interface and this technology…

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The Need for Document Management System

Is your business weighing down under a pile of documents? A document management system (DMS) will relieve you from…

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Best Practices of Software Application Development

For software companies, the application development process is one of the most important activities that they do. The application…

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Role of UI/UX in Software Development

The user is very important in the software development process. Ultimately, a software is developed for the user and…

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