Why should you adopt a RESO Web API?

The outdated and deprecated data transport method Real Estate Transaction Standard or RETS is finally coming to an end. It served its purpose since its launch two decades back but now it is not what the real estate industry needs. It has been replaced by RESO Web API. This API is now the new standard technology to use for storing and sharing real estate data by MLSs and other industry entities. Contact us if you need technical support services to integrate this API into your systems.

Everyone is Moving to This New Standard

MLSs have been moving to this new standard and stopping the use of deprecated RETS. The move to stop using this old standard started a long time back and the year 2022 will be the time when realtors are expected to convert 100% to this web API. It will make sharing and exchanging real estate data fast, efficient, and smooth.

Miami Realtors Association has fully converted to the RESO Web API in 2019 itself. Other realtor associations are also moving to this standard, allowing everyone in this industry to share data seamlessly. Do not get left behind if you want to comply with the latest web and mobile standards. We have the expertise and resources to help you move to this new standard.

Miami Realtors Association is not the only one to have adopted this API fully. Some other notable organizations include ultrarealestate.com, Greater McAllen Realtors Association, ValleyMLS.com, and realtracs. They converted fully to this latest web API in the initial months of 2021.

Realtors Association in Franklyn & Gulf counties made this move in the last months of 2021. Keep checking the RETS Extinction Countdown if you want to know which other progressive real estate organizations are switching to the new standard.

Why Move to This New Standard?

The industry has been discarding RETS and moving to RESO Web API. There are many reasons why this move is necessary for the industry.

Cheaper and Faster Developments

By using this API, you can comply with the latest real estate industry standards. You will face no difficulty in integrating with other technology platforms that use this standard. Move to the market faster and cheaper after adopting this technology.

Allow Innovators to Launch Innovative Solutions for the Industry

The adoption of this API by the real estate industry will encourage innovative individuals and companies to develop new solutions for this industry. The RESO Web API makes it easier for a start-up to bring to the market a great idea quickly, easily, and economically. If your technology provider or MLS is still using RETS, encourage it to move to this new technology standard. It will allow every group member to take advantage of the latest technologies. They can comply with and take advantage of new web and mobile technologies. Contact us at info@sriniinfotech.com, if you need technical support services to move smoothly and economically to this new standard.