How to retain your IT clients for 20 years or more?

What is the biggest asset of any organization? Customers!

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. The IT industry faces several challenges, and one of them is retaining customers. Statistics reveal that just a 5% increase in customer retention can double your revenues.

So, how do we at Srini Infotech have been retaining your IT clients for 20+ years now? We are trying to share our tried and tested strategies that helped us retain our customers. See if some of the points can work for you.

Deliver excellent customer service

It may seem obvious but delivering excellent customer service is the best way to retain customers. However, there could be a huge gap in perception about what you consider as excellent customer service and what your clients think. 75% of organizations believe they are customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers believe the same.

You can boost your customer service levels by providing a consistent and cohesive experience. Your clients should feel that they get the same level of attention and care, regardless of the channel they use to communicate. You may also consider offering multiple communication channels and assigning the right agents depending on your clients’ needs.

Build trust

Long-term relationships are built on trust. It is true for customer relationships as well. If you want to retain your IT clients for many years, you must work on building trust. You can use customer behaviour data to deliver value to your products. It will not only help build trust, but your clients would also be more receptive to your recommendations.

83% of customers will recommend your brand if they trust you. 82% will stick to your brand if they trust your brand. By building trust, you can not only improve customer retention but also convert your clients into your brand advocates.

Develop a communications calendar

Keeping in touch with your clients is important for customer retention. You should keep your clients updated about new products, new partnerships, or milestones your company has achieved. A communications calendar is basically a planned sequence of phone calls, emails, handwritten notes, and more that you send to your customers.

Developing a communications calendar makes it easier to engage with customers. Frequent communication also builds trust and encourages the customer to associate with your business again and again.

Take customer complaints seriously

It may not be the easiest to handle clients who complain. However, these clients are your biggest marketing assets. It is through their complaints that you understand customer pain points and defects in your products and services. Taking these complaints seriously can help you significantly improve your products and services.

Complaining customers are the ones who are willing to stay. Some of your customers disappear without saying anything, which is never good for business. 70% of customers that complain will do business with you again if you resolve their complaints.

This has been our success strategy, not necessary that they would work for all. We are open to sharing more information on this. Get in touch with us at