Best Practices of Software Application Development

For software companies, the application development process is one of the most important activities that they do. The application development needs to be carried out as per a standardized process to ensure consistency in all of the deliverables. To ensure this, it is important to follow the best practices that are followed industry-wide. Adopting best practices is a good way to ensure quality in the application development process.

Following are some of the best practices that can be followed to fine tune the software application development process and make it world-class.

Planning must be realistic

For the software development to be done as per your needs, you need to have robust plan. It is important to create a realistic plan that has achievable timelines. Trying to do much with tight budgets can create pressure on your team creating problems.

Involve the end-users

You don’t have to wait for the product to be developed before bringing in the end-users. You are making the software for end-users. Hence, it is important to involve them in the development process at various stages. Their feedback is valuable and will ensure product acceptance happens smoothly.

Practice clean coding

Clean code refers to writing code that is simple. The code must be easy to read not just by the developer but everyone involved in the process. It must be easy to manage. Apart from simplicity, consistency is an important factor. A standard coding style should be developed and followed for everyone. This will make it easy in the long run.

Keep testing

Testing is critical for the success of the software application development process. Testing needs to be a continuous process. This ensures your code works as per specifications. More importantly, it ensures the code meets user expectations. Testing also ensures all the parts of your application work well when they are integrated.

Peer reviews of code is a good idea

Before sending out the code to be tested by the testing team, internal review is helpful. Peer review of code by other members of the team is a good practice that prevents coding errors. It is also a learning process where everyone can learn from each other.

Use a defensive approach

Use a defensive approach while coding. As you code, try to think what could possibly go wrong. Imagine what would happen in case of a wrong input and what could possibly fail. Such an approach helps to prevent bugs.

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